Part L made easy with new guide to heating controls from Danfoss Randall

Part L made easy with new guide to heating controls from Danfoss Randall

Domestic heating installers can find out all they need to know about Part L 2010 with a helpful new guide to compliance from heating controls manufacturer, Danfoss Randall. The free 28-page booklet explains how changes to the previous Part L documents affect domestic installers, particularly in terms of enhanced zone control, and sets out solutions for different types of domestic heating systems using Danfoss Randall’s range of Part L Control Packs.

Presenting Part L 2010 – and how to comply – in a user-friendly format is the main purpose behind the new Guide to Part L, explains Danfoss Randall’s Marketing Director, Bjorn Sejr Nielsen. “We know that getting to grips with new regulations can be daunting, especially for smaller companies who may not have the benefit of an in-house technical department. Part L 2010 has been no exception,” he says. Using example system layouts and simple diagrams showing time control requirements for combi, standard, and unvented systems, the company’s free publication aims to demystify the regulations for domestic heating installers. Bjorn Sejr Nielsen continues: “It guides installers through the process of setting up time control zones for new and replacement heating systems, and selecting the right Part L Control Pack from our range to ensure compliance.”

Since it was introduced last October, Part L 2010 has required domestic heating installers to include at least two temperature controlled heating zones and one hot water zone in all new systems that are not open plan. Each zone must have at least one room thermostat and individual radiator control, such as Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs). Also, when replacing a boiler in an existing system it is now considered good practice to install TRVs in all rooms with radiators except those with a reference room thermostat.

To obtain a free copy of Danfoss Randall’s new Part L Control Pack Catalogue call 0845 121 7400 or visit the web site at and complete a literature request via the Service and Support menu.

Danfoss has been a leader in radiator thermostats since the 1940s, and Randall became a leader in central heating controls in the early 1960s. Formed in 1991, Danfoss Randall is a leading manufacturer of world-class heating controls, from programmers and thermostats to TRVs and motorised control valves, with factories in the UK and Denmark. The company’s extensive product range is supplied through a national network of stockists. As part of its commitment to improving the knowledge and profitability of its customers, Danfoss Randall offers a programme of installer training courses and CPD seminars, covering all aspects of domestic central heating techniques.