Danfoss announces UK launch of Heat Interface Units

Danfoss announces UK launch of Heat Interface Units

Heating controls specialist, Danfoss, has announced the UK launch of its Heating Interface Unit (HIU) for use in multi-dwelling developments served by a centralised boiler plant or district heating system. Compact and easy to install, the HIU provides each property with localised control and metering of energy supplied from the central plant and consumed for space heating and domestic hot water (DHW). Although new to Danfoss’ energy saving solutions for the UK domestic heating market, the company’s HIU has a long proven track record as part of low carbon heat networks in residential developments across mainland Europe.

Increasingly stringent environmental targets for new homes, and the need to make existing housing stock more energy efficient, make HIUs an attractive proposition for UK housing developers and specifiers, says Danfoss Marketing Director, Bjorn Sejr Nielsen. He comments: “The Danfoss HIU allows individual dwellings in private apartment blocks or social housing estates to be integrated into a single, large heating and hot water system, which is more efficient in terms of energy usage and carbon emissions than lots of individual boilers or electric heaters. In addition, the HIU’s individual metering function makes energy consumption more transparent, which is shown to encourage residents to use less.”

Each Danfoss HIU is a self-contained package, incorporating a built-in plate heat exchanger with flow proportional controller for DHW on demand, differential pressure control of the hot water supply to taps and radiators, and metering of energy consumption. In a typical installation, the HIU is connected via pipework to the central heat source, located in the building’s basement or an adjacent plant room. Each user has total control over the temperature of their hot water supply courtesy of Danfoss thermostatic control valves. The HIU is available with a choice of mounting options to suit individual installations, including wall or recess mounting. All the main components of the HIU, including heating controls, are manufactured by Danfoss, ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Summing up, Bjorn Sejr Nielsen, says: “As the UK moves towards the ultimate goal of ‘zero carbon’ homes, the Danfoss HIU addresses a growing need for a fresh approach to domestic heating and hot water production. Our HIUs maximise the energy efficiency of a centralised heat source plant, which could incorporate sustainable energy systems such as solar or heat pumps, and provide end-users with better control of their energy consumption and costs.”

Danfoss is a leading manufacturer of world-class heating controls, from programmers and thermostats to TRVs and motorised control valves, with factories in the UK and Denmark. The company’s extensive product range is supplied through a national network of stockists. As part of its commitment to improving the knowledge and profitability of its customers, Danfoss offers a programme of installer training courses and CPD seminars, covering all aspects of domestic central heating techniques. A comprehensive range of installer support services is also available, including the Danfoss Assist mobile website at, specially designed for viewing on a smartphone display screen and providing instant access to installation guides, handy helpline numbers and links to the latest offers from Danfoss.