Danfoss celebrates 10 years of AB-QM valves with new high flow models

Danfoss celebrates 10 years of AB-QM valves with new high flow models

Danfoss is celebrating 10 years since its AB-QM pressure independent balancing and control valve (PICV) revolutionised the HVAC industry with the introduction of two new high flow models to the range. The launch of 125mm and 250mm AB-QM valves means Danfoss now offers a complete collection of PICV capable of handling any size of application from DN10 – 250. Offering flows up to 442,000 litres per hour for the new 250mm model, the new AB-QM valves provide the potential for project cost reductions by downsizing valves.

Launched in 2004, the AB-QM valve was the first combined automatic balancing valve and pressure independent control valve. Designed by Danfoss to cut commissioning time and simplify calculations, AB-QM makes it easy to balance energy savings and comfort; just select the required flow and the valve automatically balances the installation. “Danfoss AB-QM valves heralded an entirely new way of calculating, commissioning and installing balancing solutions,” says Danfoss Marketing Director, Bjorn Sejr Nielsen. “Ten years and one million installed valves later, the AB-QM has become the preferred PICV for projects all around the world.”

Unlike a traditional two-way or manual balancing valve, Danfoss AB-QM is a control valve with a built-in differential pressure controller which provides perfectly balanced, energy efficient indoor climate control during all loads. Even if the pressure fluctuates due to changes in demand, the AB-QM with a matching Danfoss actuator will maintain a constant flow across the valve, without the actuator having to constantly adjust to compensate. This precise control, together with reduced actuator movements, under all loads helps to cut energy consumption. With AB-QM the problem of temperature fluctuations in different parts of a building is reduced and stable room temperatures lead to a lower average temperature across the building, so less energy is required to achieve the same comfort level for occupants.

Summing up, Bjorn Sejr Nielsen says: “Offering perfect control and balancing with one compact valve, it’s not surprising that Danfoss AB-QM valve technology has had such an impact on the global HVAC industry since it was launched 10 years ago. And now with our new extended range of valve sizes and matching actuators we can offer the increased cost savings and comfort of AB-QM for even more system sizes.”

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