Cut heating and hot water costs with the new Danfoss 3-channel programmer

Cut heating and hot water costs with the new Danfoss 3-channel programmer

Danfoss has launched a new electronic 3-Channel Programmer offering independent control of domestic heating and hot water consumption for optimum energy savings. Easy to install and to operate, the FP735Si Programmer allows users to set separate timings for two heating zones and the hot water supply in their home. Danfoss’ single unit solution offers up to six ‘ON-to-OFF’ or ‘OFF-to-ON’ changes each day, which can be set independently for each zone, so heat is directed only where and when it is needed. With a clear, easy to follow display the new FP735Si can be set to suit the user’s daily schedule down to the minute.

This latest addition to Danfoss’ world-class range of heating controls offers benefits for installers and their customers, says Marketing Director, Bjorn Sejr Nielsen: He comments: “Offering flexible control of both heating and hot water, our 3-Channel Programmer is a simple and cost-effective way for households to save money on their energy bills. This is a great selling point which installers can promote to their customers during a scheduled service visit or call-out, for example.”

Danfoss’ FP735Si 3-Channel Programmer comes ready to use with a number of pre-programmed settings that will suit many households. All settings, however, are easy to change via the user-friendly back-lit digital display screen. Override buttons are also available to jump to the next ON/OFF event or to extend the heating for a longer period if a temporary change is required. The Programmer operates in either 7-day mode, 5/2 day mode or 24-hour mode for maximum flexibility.

For additional energy saving the Danfoss FP735Si 3-Channel Programmer includes a holiday mode. This handy function switches all heating off during periods away and then automatically returns to the original settings on a date preset by the user. So no energy is wasted while the property is empty and you can come back to a warm home and hot water.

In addition, the Danfoss FP735Si Programmer can be set during installation to indicate when the boiler needs to be serviced, creating an opportunity for regular service business for the installer, and acting as a useful reminder for homeowners, and for landlords, who are legally responsible for their tenants’ safety by ensuring gas appliances are properly maintained.

Fully Part L compliant, the new 3-Channel Programmer from Danfoss works together with room thermostats, hot water thermostats and zone valves, shutting off the heating whenever the preset temperature has been reached.

Danfoss is a leading manufacturer of world-class heating controls, from programmers and thermostats to TRVs and motorised control valves, with factories in the UK and Denmark. The company’s extensive product range is supplied through a national network of stockists. As part of its commitment to improving the knowledge and profitability of its customers, Danfoss offers a programme of installer training courses and CPD seminars, covering all aspects of domestic central heating techniques. A comprehensive range of installer support services is also available, including the Danfoss Assist mobile website at, specially designed for viewing on a smartphone display screen and providing instant access to installation guides, handy helpline numbers and links to the latest offers from Danfoss. For more information visit