Go wireless with new Danfoss digital room thermostat

Go wireless with new Danfoss digital room thermostat

Danfoss has launched a wireless version of its RET2000 digital room thermostat for energy saving heating control without the need for an external power supply. The new battery-driven RET2000 B-RF and RX1-S Receiver, which only requires a two-wire connection to the boiler, is easily integrated into new and existing domestic heating systems. With a radio signal range of typically 30 metres, the RET2000 B-RF will safely cover almost all domestic heating installations.

Danfoss’s latest addition to the RET range combines the convenience of wireless heating control with all the advanced functionality of the hard-wired RET2000 room thermostat, including chrono-proportional control for improved comfort and boiler efficiency, push button lock to prevent tampering and a digital display showing room temperature and output status.

Like other Danfoss RET models, the wireless RET2000 B-RF features a sleek, modern design and simple operation. As well as standard on/off control, these smart room thermostats can be set to chrono-proportional mode, developed by Danfoss for extra energy savings. This micro-processor based system regulates the amount of time for which the boiler fires in proportion to load, helping high efficiency boilers maintain optimum performance. Enabling a closer temperature control band and rapid response to temperature change, this modulating control mode ensures users feel the benefits of better home comfort and economy. “Proven in ‘real world’ tests conducted by Danfoss,” says Marketing Director, Bjorn Sejr Nielsen, “our chrono-proportional room temperature control can result in a potential 10% reduction in energy consumption, and carbon emissions, by the heating system compared with a slower reacting mechanical thermostat.”

All Danfoss RET2000 room thermostats have a generously-sized digital display with an inbuilt backlight for easy viewing, even by those with poorer eyesight or in dimly lit locations. Additional features include the option to set upper and lower temperature limits and a Celsius or Fahrenheit selectable display.

Wireless products are used increasingly in the home and this technology now extends to Danfoss’ energy saving heating controls, says Bjorn Sejr Nielsen. He comments: “Our new RET2000 B-RF digital room thermostat brings benefits for installers and users alike, being both easy to use and to install, with minimal wiring required and no disruption to building fabric.” For a full product specification, please go to

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