Get connected with new Danfoss digital actuator

Get connected with new Danfoss digital actuator

Danfoss is leading a revolution in commercial heating and cooling control with the launch of the NovoCon® digital actuator. This multi-functional actuator now makes it possible to connect a HVAC system to the Building Management System (BMS) via the BACnet communications protocol – adding advanced levels of hydronic balancing and control, whilst also saving valuable time on site.

The NovoCon® is a 4-in-one solution which combines a digital actuator, flow indicator, BMS communication device and data logger. Designed for use with the Danfoss AB-QM pressure independent balancing and control valve (PICV), NovoCon® simplifies the installation and commissioning process and gives users access to unique data for maintenance purposes. It also offers remote commissioning of the heating and cooling system via the building management system, for example, the ability to balance hundreds of valves with a single mouse click.

4-in-one solution
Acutator NovoCon® is a highly accurate, multi-functional actuator for use with the Danfoss AB-QM PICV in sizes from DN 10-32. It delivers best in class hydronic performance in a range of heating and cooling systems, including fan coil units, chilled beams and radiant panels.

Flow indicator
NovoCon® functions as a flow indicator thanks to the high position accuracy of the actuator and the pressure independent and linear characteristics of the AB-QM valve.

BMS communication device
BMS connectivity is now possible with NovoCon®. All setting and control functions can be achieved via Fieldbus cabling with only minimal data points.

Data logger
The NovoCon® facilitates collection and storage of data that can be used to benchmark building performance over time and identify best practice in energy consumption behaviour.

Field test results
The new Danfoss NovoCon® digital actuator has been independently tested by Imtech, a leading European technical services provider. ImTech’s field testing team reported easier installation and commissioning with NovoCon® as well as added flexibility when making subsequent changes in the system. The tests also showed that it was possible to install and commission the valve and actuator at the same time and receive visual feedback if a cable problem occurred. This was seen as a huge time-saver as it allows engineers to close the ceiling immediately after installation and fine-tune and correct the system from a computer.

The tests also highlighted quicker and easier filling and flushing thanks to a full opening of the valve when removing dirt from the system, one of many features not previously possible. Additionally, the Danfoss NovoCon® makes it easy to adjust the flow in the event of changes to building use, without having to open up ceilings and disturb occupants.

Summing up, Martyn Neil, Commercial Product Manager at Danfoss, comments: “The NovoCon® is truly the next generation of pressure independent control valve. Ten years after revolutionizing the way we balance and control heating and cooling systems, we are now able to provide fully integrated BMS control, from head-end out to field devices. In the age of ‘big-data’ the NovoCon®’s ability to provide system performance feedback and alarms, on individual terminal valves, will prove invaluable during installation, initial, seasonal, and on-going commissioning. In years to come we will look back and wonder how we ever did without the advanced functionality, superior performance, and performance data the Danfoss NovoCon® provides.”

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