New Danfoss Dynamic Valve controls and balances heating systems in one

New Danfoss Dynamic Valve controls and balances heating systems in one

With an innovative 2-in-1 design, the new Dynamic Valve from Danfoss delivers optimal temperature control and automatic hydronic balancing of two-pipe heating systems in a single product. Designed for installation at the radiators, Danfoss’ pioneering development combines a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) with a built-in differential pressure controller. The latter eliminates pressure fluctuations, the common cause of heating system complaints such as noisy radiators, uneven heat distribution and high levels of energy waste. Offering trouble-free installation and faster commissioning, the Dynamic Valve makes it easy to optimise heating system efficiency and maintain consistent comfort levels for the benefit of building owners and occupants alike. This latest addition to the Danfoss range achieved Highly Commended status in the Commercial/Industrial Heating Product category at the 2014 HVR Awards.

Whether you are specifying, installing or commissioning a heating system for a refurbishment or new build project, the Danfoss Dynamic Valve offers a simple solution to automatic hydronic balancing – the key to achieving increased energy efficiency and user comfort. The new valve reduces heat loss and provides full control of the system delta T, resulting in better boiler performance. Furthermore, less water circulates through the system, making it possible to optimise pump settings or even reduce pump size.

The secret of the new Danfoss Dynamic Valve is the small built-in differential pressure controller which ensures constant pressure across the control valve. Using an industry-standard 1 to 7+N scale, each valve can be set quickly to any maximum flow between 25-135 litres per hour. Once the valves are installed and commissioned to the correct preset value, normal pressure fluctuations no long affect flow through the radiators. The system balance cannot be disrupted, even if building occupants adjust the radiator thermostat or valve settings, ensuring reliable system operation and fewer complaints and call backs.

Summing up, Danfoss Marketing Director, Bjorn Sejr Nielsen, says the launch of the Dynamic Valve offers a simple solution to a daily challenge for heating engineers, “With fewer components that need dimensioning and no Kv or authority calculations,” he explains, “our new 2-in-1 Danfoss Dynamic Valve is a quick and easy way to achieve the benefits of automatic balancing in two-pipe heating systems under all load conditions.”

Dynamic Valve was developed by Danfoss as a cost-effective alternative to the company’s ASV valves and offers an economic choice for a wide range of buildings using two-pipe radiator systems with few radiators per riser. For more information and advice on choosing the right valve for different size heating systems, visit

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