Danfoss launches speedy Snap lock connection for RA 2000 TRV

Danfoss launches speedy Snap lock connection for RA 2000 TRV

Fitting Danfoss RA 2000 thermostatic radiator valves featuring rapid reaction gas-filled sensors is now twice as fast with the new snap lock connection. Compared to its existing commercial range of TRVs. Danfoss’ latest innovation saves substantial installation time and cost in all types of commercial application. The snap-on coupling is quick and easy to mount in a matter of seconds without the use of tools. Once the valve cover has been removed, just place the sensor on the valve and press firmly to activate the snap-on mechanism. The sensor can be removed by simply turning the snap-on ring counter-clockwise.

Offering its most energy efficient RA 2000 range of TRVs with the new snap lock connection demonstrates Danfoss’ commitment to providing heating controls that bring benefits for installers and their customers. “The convenience of our new quick and easy connection means installers can fit more TRVs in less time – reducing cost and time on site,” explains Danfoss Marketing Director, Bjorn Sejr Nielsen. And in addition to the advantages for installers, the RA 2000 offers maximum energy savings for end-users, and a high degree of comfort, thanks to the fast response of the gas-filled sensors to every change in surrounding temperature.

Robustly built and designed to meet the rigours of the commercial heating sector, the Danfoss RA 2000 range of TRVs with snap lock connection is available for practically all systems and installation conditions. Sensors and valve bodies are packed separately so they can be mixed and matched for any duty. Selected models include anti-theft protection clips, which block the ‘snap’ mechanism – a particularly useful feature in generally accessible public buildings.

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