Meet the new Hero from Danfoss

Meet the new Hero from Danfoss

Danfoss is introducing HERO – a new time, cost and space saving Flushing Bypass Manifold solution featuring all the main components needed to install, flush, balance, control, and maintain terminal units in HVAC systems with variable flow. Supplied as a pre-assembled and fully pressure tested connection set, HERO is ready for fast and easy installation onto terminal units such as Fan Coil Units and Chilled Beams. According to a cost-analysis conducted by Danfoss, HERO can achieve a 23% saving in time and cost just during installation compared with an on-site assembled option.

Danfoss HERO consists of a Bypass H-Piece, AB-QM Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV), Shut-Off Valves, Strainer with Integrated Drain and a Measuring Station – all in one compact assembly. Once installed, HERO creates optimal hydronic balance, simplifies system flushing to the required BSRIA BG29/2012 standards and also allows measurement of water flow to detect problems such as blockages in the system

The AB-QM PICV sits at the heart of the new Danfoss HERO, providing perfect balance and control in the HVAC system. A proven solution around the world, Danfoss’s AB-QM keeps a constant differential pressure across the control valve independent of pressure fluctuations in the system, preventing overflow and reduced efficiency of the thermal unit.

Thanks to its compact dimensions and a 90o angle between all service features (draining, setting and measuring) the new Danfoss HERO ensures easy access under any installation condition, even where space is restricted. With centres of 40mm (DN10 and 15) and 80mm (DN20 and 25) HERO is simple to install, including above a Fan Coil Unit’s condensate drip tray when required. Selecting the right HERO for a project is based on the flow rate of the application and is made quick and easy using Danfoss’s design flow calculator.

Designed by Danfoss to offer even more choice, HERO can be matched with a wide range of actuators, from simple on/off products to the high accuracy Danfoss NovoCon® digital actuator with BMS connectivity.

Summing up, Danfoss’ Marketing Director, Bjorn Sejr Nielsen, says: “HERO is the first fully integrated Flushing Bypass Manifold from Danfoss and provides the perfect partner for terminal installations. This latest addition to our range offers a compact and time saving solution with a host of industry-leading features and lifetime benefits for HVAC system designers, contractors, engineers and end-users.” For more information visit

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