Precision heat metering made simple with new Danfoss SonoSelect

Precision heat metering made simple with new Danfoss SonoSelect

Combining ultrasonic technology with advanced control the new Danfoss SonoSelect heat meter makes precision energy metering easy for properties supplied by a district heat network or communal heating system. As well as delivering reliable and consistent energy data, SonoSelect offers a new level of installation and commissioning simplicity via smartphone using the Danfoss SonoApp. Water and dust protected to IP65 and Class 2 MID approved, the compact SonoSelect can be configured to mount on supply or return pipework into each property. With no in/outlet restrictions, and no moving parts, SonoSelect ensures years of reliable operation, even under harsh ambient temperature conditions.

One of SonoSelect’s exclusive features is the ability to install, configure, commission and access advanced diagnostics using Danfoss’ innovative SonoApp and SonoDongle – a Bluetooth connector that enables secure communication between an authorised smartphone and heat meter. The App can be used for everything from real-time verification of system functioning to rapid location pairing and error handling – all via clear and intuitive menu screens. Different levels of access to the heat meter can also be defined to prevent tampering by unauthorised users. Moving advanced functionality to the SonoApp makes SonoSelect easy to work with and reduces the risk of incorrect settings and time spent on re-installations and call-backs.

In addition, SonoSelect offers state-of-the-art diagnostics – up to now only available in process industry meters. This includes accurate traceability for fast error identification and correction. Diagnostics run from the SonoApp automatically generate detailed information on all key parameters of the heat meter, such as battery life prognosis or air bubble problems. This helps eliminate the cost of unnecessary unit replacement and reduces customer complaints.

Based on leading ultrasonic technology, Danfoss SonoSelect ensures consistent heat metering precision. Flow and energy are measured every 0.5 seconds and temperature every 4 seconds – both class-leading rates. Flow measurement also remains extremely stable, even at low flow rates, and with low-quality water.

Danfoss SonoSelect offers a fully compliant solution to the new Heat Network Regulations, which now require all those who supply and charge for energy consumed via a district heat network or communal heating system to implement metering and billing. Data transfer from individual SonoSelect heat meters for billing purposes can be performed via AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) with no need for an on-site visit. SonoSelect can be upgraded with a communication module at any time.

Bjorn Sejr Nielsen, Marketing Director for Danfoss, comments: “Alongside its advanced functionality and control, SonoSelect has been designed by Danfoss to create measurable value from specification and installation through to improved customer billing accuracy, minimal maintenance and low total cost of ownership. So whether you are an installer, contractor, building owner or landlord in the public or private sector, SonoSelect offers a really simple, reliable and compliant heat metering solution.”

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