Unlock energy savings and extra sales with Danfoss Heat Efficiency Packs

Unlock energy savings and extra sales with Danfoss Heat Efficiency Packs

Danfoss is offering heating installers the opportunity to increase sales – and help householders cut their fuel bills by up to 40% – with Danfoss heating controls in handy packs. Available in a choice of eight product configurations, Heating Efficiency Packs contain TRVs and a room thermostat, specially selected from the Danfoss range to suit different applications and budgets. The energy saving potential of installing TRVs on radiators and one reference room thermostat is supported by research conducted at Salford University’s Energy House. Danfoss Marketing Services Manager, Gareth Ash says: “The millions of UK households without any form of heating controls can make big savings on their heating bills for a relatively small investment in one of our Heating Efficiency Packs. And by promoting these proven benefits to their customers installers can generate extra sales for their business – so everyone’s a winner.”

Salford University’s tests showed that, even if a system is properly balanced, optimum energy savings could not be achieved without TRVs to ensure even heat distribution around a dwelling. Danfoss Heating Efficiency Packs contain everything an installer needs to provide independent temperature control in each room using a full set of Danfoss TRVs, together with a room thermostat to set overall on/off times. The six TRVs in each High Efficiency Pack feature Danfoss’ revolutionary ‘flow selectable’ revolver valve body. This can be installed horizontally or vertically, in flow or return, to solve the age-old problem of ‘water hammer’. If any system noise occurs after fitting it can be stopped by simply ‘revolving’ the barrel to reverse the flow direction, reducing costly call-backs. Matching lockshield valves and wheelheads are also included in the pack.

Room thermostats available in Danfoss High Efficiency Packs range from a hard-wired or wireless dial or digital room thermostat from the RET range to the TP5000Si, a fully programmable room thermostat offering up to six time and temperature changes per day. Purchasing these products separately could cost over 40% more, making the packs excellent value for money. In addition to being a more economical way to buy Danfoss controls, they offer installers the convenience of buying a single pack of tried and tested products off the shelf.

Summing up, Gareth Ash says that whilst ‘smart’ systems which allow you to control your heating via an internet app have their place in the market, not everyone is comfortable using this type of technology. He comments: “Our High Efficiency Packs of TRVs and room thermostat provide installers with a simple and cost-effective solution to the needs, and budgets, of most households, helping to keep them comfortably and affordably warm.” For more information visit

Danfoss is a leading manufacturer of world-class heating controls, from programmers and thermostats to TRVs and motorised control valves, with factories throughout Europe, including in the UK and Denmark. The company’s extensive product range is supplied through a national network of stockists. As part of its commitment to improving the knowledge and profitability of its customers, Danfoss offers a programme of installer training courses and CPD seminars, covering all aspects of domestic central heating techniques. A comprehensive range of installer support services is also available, including the Danfoss Assist mobile website at, specially designed for viewing on a smartphone display screen and providing instant access to installation guides, handy helpline numbers and links to the latest offers from Danfoss. For more information visit To find out more about OpenTherm and the OpenTherm Association, of which Danfoss is a member, go to