A smart future for heating controls

A smart future for heating controls

From phones to tablets and TVs, smart technology is everywhere so it’s not surprising that heating controls are following the trend. Bjorn Sejr Nielsen, Marketing Director at Danfoss, looks at the latest developments available to installers and their customers and what’s driving the next generation of controls.

Smart selling point
For those who can afford it, and are comfortable using internet-based technology, so-called smart heating systems offer pinpoint control over domestic energy consumption and indoor comfort using an app. However, you don’t necessarily have to splash out on a flashy app-controlled system to save energy and money. Even what might be described as basic On/Off controls now have ‘smart’ features such as digital touch screen displays and micro-processor controlled programming for enhanced functionality and efficiency.

New technology
Manufacturers like Danfoss are constantly pushing the boundaries of new technology to improve their products in terms of energy efficiency, comfort and that all-important user interface. Our development teams are already working on the next generation of digital TRVs which can be programmed individually for total control over heating in each room of the house. A new central controller is also in the pipeline which, unlike some of the current smart systems, will enable householders to control the heat in each room via an internet app for optimum convenience and energy savings.

Smart future
Although smart technology has a role to play in future products, at Danfoss we don’t think it should be the main driver of new developments. Based on our longstanding experience in this market we firmly believe that the primary focus has to be on creating user-friendly heating controls that deliver energy savings for the majority of consumers and which are quick and simple to install. So whether it’s a high-tech heating app or a cost-effective combination of TRVs and a dial room thermostat, the message is clear – modern heating controls are one of the keys to keeping a home comfortably and affordably warm. For more information visit