Danfoss – driving TRV technology

Danfoss – driving TRV technology

Invented by Danfoss back in 1943, radiator thermostats (TRVs) remain essential to the optimum efficiency of most ‘wet’ domestic central heating systems. Properly installed, TRVs are proven to provide accurate temperature control in individual rooms, reducing heating costs and enhancing comfort.

Proven performance
Heating control tests carried out by Salford University highlighted the importance of TRVs to ensure satisfactory heat distribution around a dwelling. Indeed, the research showed that this is not possible without TRVs, even if the system is balanced. As the market leader in TRV technology Danfoss continues to drive the development of this highly effective heating control. Today, the company’s energy-saving TRV family offers its retail partners and their customer a comprehensive choice of stylish solutions that combine industry-beating innovation and reliability with ease of installation.

Offering a truly cost-effective option for general domestic heating applications, the Danfoss RTW bi-directional TRV features an accurate liquid-filled sensor, which reacts quickly to changes in room temperature, and a positive shut-off position. RTW also benefits from Danfoss’ patented Revolver technology – a pioneering flow selectable, bi-directional valve design which allows the TRV to be installed horizontally or vertically, in flow or return. This flexibility provides an innovative solution to the age-old problem of ‘water hammer’. If any system noise occurs after fitting it can be stopped by simply ‘revolving’ the barrel to reverse the flow direction, reducing costly call backs. Quick and easy installation is also part of the RTW’s cutting-edge design – the sensor can be mounted in minutes using a standard spanner.

RAS-D2 and RAS-C2
Another popular member of the Danfoss TRV family is the RAS-D2. Like the RTW, this TRV also features the unique Revolver technology and a high performance liquid sensor. The RAS-D2 is available in subtle white with chrome sensor or a stunning all-chrome model to complement designer radiators and towel rails. The Danfoss TRV range also includes the RAS-C2. High in quality and performance, this competitively priced solution is suited to both the domestic and contract markets. It comes complete with Danfoss’ flow selectable bi-directional valve and benefits from a new-style sensor that is compact and easy to fit.

Informed choice
Whilst the TRV is probably one of the most widely-used domestic heating controls, not all TRVs are the same – and it’s not just a matter of price. The extensive range now available, offering different features, functions and sensor fillings, can be confusing for even the most experienced installer. However, choosing the right product for the right application is key to keeping customers happy. So if you are in any doubt, it could be well worth checking out the various options with your merchant before you buy.

Danfoss TRVs can be purchased separately or in convenient combi packs. Many models are also available as part of the new range of Danfoss High Efficiency Packs – the handy and cost-effective way for installers to buy the latest Danfoss domestic heating controls in a single pack. For more information visit