New Danfoss ECmat – the simple solution for electric underfloor heating

New Danfoss ECmat – the simple solution for electric underfloor heating

Danfoss is launching a ready to lay and easy to use electric underfloor heating system. The new Danfoss ECmat is an ultra-thin heat mat with an earth screened twin-core cable that is only 3.5mm in height. Available in a range of sizes and output, ECmat is suitable for virtually any new build or renovation installation. Completing this innovative heating solution is the ECtemp range of thermostats, which combines Danfoss’s advanced heating control technology with an attractive, user-friendly design.

Danfoss ECmat is a robust, self-adhesive, all-in-one electric underfloor heating mat. Typically, the mat is installed within the flexible adhesive used to fix tiles to the floor, but is also suitable for use with wooden flooring. Connecting the mat to the thermostat involves just one twin-core cable, plus an earth connection to the cable screen. The Thermostat-controlled, ECmat reacts rapidly to changes in the indoor climate, radiating just the right amount of warmth whilst minimising energy consumption for householders.

Offering maximum comfort for most floor sizes, ECmat is available in a choice of 100W, 150W and 200W systems. The ECmat range covers 0.5m2 up to 12m2 per mat. Choosing the right product for the area to be warmed is quick and easy – simply measure up the floor and select the appropriate ECmat from the ordering table, readily available from existing Danfoss stockists.

The Danfoss ECtemp thermostat, specially designed for use with ECmat, comes in three types to suit different user requirements. The ECtemp Touch features simple and intuitive touchscreen operation, while the ECtemp Smart offers Wi-Fi connectivity. The ECtemp Next Plus provides a programmable timer thermostat.

Danfoss ECmat sets the highest quality standards for electric floor heating mats and is particularly ideal for renovation projects, says Danfoss Marketing Services Manager, Gareth Ash: “The low built-in height means the complete heating system takes up minimal space,” he explains, “so you can install a new floor on top of the old one. Also, the innovative design ensures a fast, simple and safe installation – with no need to break up the existing floor.”

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