Control comfort and compliance with new Danfoss OpenTherm room thermostat

Control comfort and compliance with new Danfoss OpenTherm room thermostat

Danfoss has extended its range of electronic room thermostats with the new RET2000-OT. This latest development provides modulating control of OpenTherm equipped condensing gas boilers and offers a simple way to comply with Boiler Plus. Fully compliant with the OpenTherm communications protocol, the RET2000-OT exchanges data with the boiler it controls, as opposed to basic On/Off commands. Modulating boiler output ensures closer, more accurate room temperature control, with less temperature fluctuation, to optimise boiler efficiency and end-user comfort. This advanced control also ensures that the flow temperature from the boiler is modulated to as low a level as the prevailing load permits. Compared to simple On/Off thermostats, RET2000-OT significantly increases the proportion of boiler operating time spent in economic condensing mode.

As an ErP Class 5 modulating room thermostat, the Danfoss RET2000-OT provides an additional efficiency gain of 3%. Its OpenTherm link to the boiler offers a speed of response that is significantly faster than On/Off counterparts, allowing even small changes in room temperature to be communicated to the boiler. The thermostat’s microprocessor control provides accurate PI room temperature regulation and manages the bi-directional communications with the boiler. With the installer in mind, Danfoss has designed the new RET2000-OT with simple to install 2-wire non-polarised low voltage communications.
According to Danfoss, performance tests to compare the RET2000-OT OpenTherm room thermostat with a traditional electro-mechanical On/Off thermostat show that modulating control gives the best level of comfort, the lowest level of energy consumption and the lowest level of harmful CO2 emissions. Gareth Ash, Danfoss Marketing and Technical Support Manager, explains: “Test results from a controlled laboratory environment indicate that savings in the order of 15% are achievable when comparing an OpenTherm boiler controlled by a modulating room thermostat with the same boiler controlled by a traditional mechanical On/Off thermostat.”

In addition to impressive technical performance, the new Danfoss RET2000-OT room thermostat has a user-friendly interface. This includes a generous, easy to read display that clearly shows the room temperature and output status of the thermostat. The backlit display is ideal for those with poorer eyesight or in locations that are dimly lit. The RET2000-OT also incorporates a timer input which when activated places the thermostat in off mode while maintaining a 5-degree frost protect heating setback temperature.

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