Danfoss streamlines time controls

Danfoss streamlines time controls

Danfoss has streamlined its high efficiency range of Time controls for domestic heating and hot water systems. The redesigned TS710 and FP720 replace all existing Danfoss timers as part of a major rationalisation programme that gives installers a simpler choice without compromising any features and benefits for end-users. Designed by Danfoss to deliver optimum comfort and economy, the TS710 and FP720 are easy to programme for either 24hr, weekday/weekend (5/2) or 7 day periods. The versatile Timers can also be configured for 2, 4 or 6 events (1, 2, 3 periods) per day to suit different lifestyles. Both Timers are 230V mains supply devices and are available in 1 and 2 channel variants.

The Danfoss TS710 and FP720 Timer controls have been developed with a range of advanced features to ensure the convenience of users and improved heating system efficiency. These include a handy Holiday mode to save energy when the property is empty, together with a user channel override and one-hour boost function when required to maintain desired comfort levels. The FP720 Timer also offers the additional facility to set up either 2 x Heat Zones or 1 x Heat and 1 x DHW zone, which provides end-users with independent control of their heating and hot water.

The TS710 and FP720 Timers have an intuitive user interface, with simple controls and a large backlit display that is easy to see, even in dimly lit areas. In addition, the Timers incorporate a service interval timer, which can be activated by the installer as a gas safety feature for landlords.

The TS710 and FP720 Time controls join the upgraded TPOne with OpenTherm and redesigned TP5001 programmable room thermostats in Danfoss’s streamlined product line-up. The new look range also includes the RET1001M dial room thermostat and the RET2001 room thermostat featuring OpenTherm and an electronic display. For more information visit