Smarter heating with Danfoss Link™

Smarter heating with Danfoss Link™

A longstanding Danfoss installer, George Kerr of GDK Heating & Plumbing in Inverness, says the Danfoss Link central controller provides a smart way to control home heating for increased comfort and reduced energy bills. In fact, he’s such a fan he’s installed the system in his own house.

What is Danfoss Link™?
Launched in 2018, Danfoss Link works as a central controller to link a home’s heating controls and provide wireless control of the heating system via individual Danfoss electronic TRVs. Having successfully completed the Danfoss Link Installer Training programme, George Kerr is one of a growing number of Accredited Installers of this innovative system in Scotland.

Why George Kerr recommends Danfoss Link
George set up GDK Heating & Plumbing just over 13 years ago and has built a successful business on providing reliable, trouble-free installations. Working with high quality manufacturers like Danfoss is key to maintaining this reputation, says George: “I have been installing Danfoss heating controls all my working life because I know I can trust them.” He certainly practises what he preaches when it comes to Danfoss because he’s also got their products in his own home. “My first installation of Danfoss Link was in our family house and I’m delighted with it,” he says. George has three teenage daughters whose work and study schedules mean they are at home at different times. He comments: “With a quick flick of the Link App they can turn the heating on in their own bedrooms in colder weather without having to heat the whole house – helping us cut our gas bill without compromising comfort.”

Energy saving and easy to install
As well as the energy savings, George finds Danfoss Link very easy to install and says his own system, which comprises 12 radiators including towel rails, took just a few hours to install. “The intelligent heads simply replace the existing radiator thermostats and then the central control unit and relay are wired into the system,” he explains. “I also love that the system can be designed to fit any situation,” George adds, “such as linking multiple radiators in larger rooms with a wall mounted thermostat.”

With so many benefits George expects to be installing many more Danfoss Link in the future. “The system is perfect for domestic properties, particularly larger, multi-occupancy homes, and I also have a few guest houses interested in the system’s energy-saving potential. Using Danfoss Link they could control the heating based on occupancy levels and avoid heating empty rooms.”

Installer Biography
George Kerr
Born and brought up in Inverness, George Kerr is Managing Director of GDK Plumbing & Heating. Specialising in the domestic sector, he is both Gas Safe and SNIPEF registered and has customers throughout Inverness and the Scottish Highlands.