Danfoss Ally delivers energy savings of up to 30%

Danfoss Ally delivers energy savings of up to 30%

Controlling home energy costs just got easier with the launch of the Danfoss Ally™, a smart heating solution. Designed to provide homeowners with complete control over their heating systems, Danfoss Ally™ offers unparalleled convenience and energy savings of up to 30%.

At its core, Danfoss Ally™ serves as a WiFi gateway, seamlessly connecting and controlling the boiler, TRVs and UFH components.– delivering all the benefits of a full-blown smart heating system. The Ally™  components include a boiler relay, an eTRV, a room sensor and the Icon 2™ UFH controller – you choose what elements you need for your installation. 

Danfoss Ally™ App

The Danfoss Ally™ app acts as the central hub, empowering users to manage their heating remotely from anywhere in the world. Zigbee 3.0-certified for wireless communication, the app integrates effortlessly with digital assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling voice-controlled operation for ultimate convenience.

Danfoss Ally™ Hardware

At the heart of the system lies the Danfoss Ally™ Gateway, a programmable wireless control unit that orchestrates the daily heating schedule for every room. This intelligent gateway ensures precise temperature control and allows for quick adjustments to meet changing needs.

Enhancing indoor comfort and energy efficiency, the Danfoss Ally™ Room Sensor accurately measures room temperature and humidity levels. Meanwhile, the Ally™ Boiler Relay optimises energy usage by activating the boiler only when heat demand is detected, minimising wastage and reducing energy consumption.

Danfoss Ally™  eTRVs are battery-powered (the batteries last for 2 years), compact and easy to operate with a manual handwheel and single button. They feature an open window function which senses if a window has been opened. It will automatically shut off the heat for 30 minutes, after which the heating in the room will be restarted.

With more and more homes having mixed heating systems eg radiators and hydronic UFH Danfoss Ally™  has been designed to manage the new hybrid heating systems.

New Icon 2

Danfoss’ new Icon2™ UFH controller is fast and hassle-free to operate, the main controller is designed with fewer components which, combined with an easy-to-use commissioning app ensures a fast and hassle-free installation – on average just nine minutes!

This clever controller also offersautomatic balancing functionality; by intelligently prioritising longer pipes in large spaces during times of high heat demand, the system maximises comfort while conserving energy. This innovative feature guarantees that every room receives an equal share of available energy, enhancing overall comfort levels throughout the home. Icon 2™ boasts a sleek minimalist design and is available in wired and wireless room versions to suit almost any application.

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